Newly expanded cloth selection

Since we are attracting interest from first-time bespoke customers, we have greatly expanded our in-house selection of cloth. This enables you to view physical swatch books similar to a traditional bespoke tailor or online swatches in some cases. 

This is ideal for those who don't have easy direct-to-consumer access to cloth and removes the need to send your cloth to me. 

We can now source a variety of English and Italian cloth such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Scabal, Escorial, Harrisons, W. Bill, Lesser, Porter & Harding, Dugdale, Cerruti, Ariston, Hardy Minnis, and Vitale Barberis Canonico.

A handful of our suppliers allow consumer access to their cloth catalogue including:

If we source the cloth for you, prices start at $1,800 for a suit (the same as our Essential Bespoke suits) and $1,500 for a jacket. 

Our Styleforum affiliate thread

Sicilian Reserve has really enjoyed being part of the Styleforum community for the last six months. Being an affiliate with our own affiliate thread has been an effective way to engage the SF bespoke community as part of our launch last summer. In particular, Sicilian tailoring has been an unknown quantity for many years and SF helped lift the veil on this bespoke hidden gem. 

Now that we have successfully launched in two different US markets - NYC and San Francisco - we really want to focus on delivery and growing with our launch customers in those two markets. That’s more than enough to keep us busy!

To that end, please note that we will be pausing our time with SF at the end of this month. We do hope to return to SF as an affiliate, advertiser or other form of collaboration at some point in the future. 

In the meantime, we of course remain open for business with upcoming trips to NY and San Francisco, and look forward to engaging with you. 

I will be visiting a number of trade shows in fabric/textile and menswear this week and next. So if you’re looking for a specific cloth for your next commission, let me know and I’ll see what’s coming out in the market. 

For the latest updates, check out our blog and subscribe to our newsletter. 

To contact us, email us at or direct message @sicilianreserve on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Mediterranean tailoring meets California lifestyle

Because of the similarity of climates, Sicilian tailoring is superbly suited for the California lifestyle. 

This is a summer sports jacket in a H&S 8oz wool-linen-silk blend made for a customer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

It is made with Sicilian shape and lightness. I've included a few close-ups around the shoulder, chest, inside, under the collar and sleeve buttons. 

No worries of you live in colder climes - Sicilian tailoring can easily adjust to support heavier fabrics. 

2018 delivery calendar

Flexibility is a wonderful advantage and benefit, especially in matters bespoke. 

But it does creates greater complexity and this is one of our key challenges as a tailoring brand offering even more flexibility than is usually found among bespoke shops. 

Below is a calendar-based guide to help navigate how and when to place an order with Sicilian Reserve. It lays out the different options and timetable for new and returning customers. 

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at 

For new customers
For returning customers

Delivery time!

Very excited to see our first set of orders getting closer to shipping. This one is a wonderful spring/summer gunclub sports jacket in Holland & Sherry cloth. 

Introducing the Essential Bespoke Series

Introducing Essential Bespoke 1: the Naxos suit in navy blue

Introducing Essential Bespoke 1: the Naxos suit in navy blue

Ordering your first bespoke suit can be daunting. So many questions! We try to eliminate these uncertainties by focusing your attention on just one decision - blue or gray. 

For most working professionals, your first suit should be one of those two colors. This is especially true if you are building a bespoke rotation in your wardrobe. 

For navy blue, choose the Naxos suit. For grey, choose the Leontini suit. 

The rest is managed by us with your input of course. 

Why is Sicily the "black swan" of bespoke tailoring?

Black swans are the rare exceptions to the norm and defy conventional wisdom.

So why do I consider Sicily the “black swan” of bespoke tailoring, the last secret left for sartorialists?

To learn why, watch my new video below:

Learn why Sicily is the last secret in bespoke tailoring and why it deserves to be recognized along with the more well-known sartorial destinations of Naples and Savile Row. Also discover the two best ways to experience Sicilian tailoring by traveling to Sicily armed with Sleevehead's Guide to Sicilian Tailors or working with Sicilian Reserve, a bespoke platform for Sicilian tailors to meet US and European clients.