Preparing for our first meeting - measurements

The first meeting will last approximately 30 minutes and will take place in the New York City area. We are available to meet at a location within a 60 minute travel radius of Manhattan. If you wish to meet in Manhattan, we are happy to meet you in your office, home or at a private meeting space in several locations in midtown and the downtown area. 

We have the following agenda for our meeting: 

  1. Take key measurements and photos for the tailor to draft a pattern
  2. Receive and check your cloth for sufficient length and detect and mark any irregularities for the tailor
  3. Confirm key features of your order
  4. Receive a bespoke garment to re-create (if applicable)

To maximize our time together, we suggest the following: 

  1. Wear your best fitting shirt, ideally MTM or bespoke, that represents the type of shirt you’ll wear with the jacket you’ve ordered
  2. Bring or wear your best fitting jacket
  3. Consider bringing a backup cloth in the unlikely scenario that your cloth is defective or insufficient length

We know that quite a few MTM brands allow you to take your own measurements. Unfortunately, we have looked at this option and believe it introduces too much noise and imprecision into a critical part of the bespoke process.