Summer musings and doings

We're in the final stretch of summer. It's been a busy couple of months between delivering the latest batch of orders and also taking a close eye on improving all aspects of how we do bespoke. 

We are always looking to improve and have asked our customers what is working and what we can change. While they are enjoying our Sicilian heritage and high degree of flexibility, we've also learned there has been confusion around the fitting process and what could be adjusted post-delivery. Moreover, we missed a few things by loading everything in one fitting. 

To that end, we are now requiring two fittings for all new customers. This is a change from our initial model of delivering a finished garment after just one fitting for new customers.

A single fitting is possible if everything falls into place. But since we cannot guarantee a single fitting will cover all possible variables over the course of several months, we no longer offer this. 

We're also improving our process behind the scenes to ensure we capture all of our customer requests, no matter how small, in time for delivery. 

In the meantime, we'll be back in San Francisco (October 11) and New York (October 13-14) for client appointments and look forward to seeing you there. A la prossima!