New tailoring order form & workflow


Rather than introducing a new cloth book or tailor, I’m taking a moment to share something operational and behind the scenes that normally doesn’t get discussed.

In particular, I’m quite excited about a new, integrated digital workflow I created for taking customer measurements and orders.

This replaces two separate paper forms that I used before. Under the old system, I had to manually enter data multiple times (often repeating the same customer data for the tailor).

Now I capture all of the relevant data just once using an Apple iPad, Pencil 2 and an off-the-shelf app.

Even better, this was all done without any custom code or a custom app.

I test drove the new workflow last week at a private trunk show and am very happy with it. So much easier to use, allowing me to focus on building the relationship with both the customer and tailor.

As with anything digital, I’ve already made a few tweaks, but definitely will not be going back to paper!